Taste Don't Waste: Today Our Food Is Even Better


By optimizing our preparation habits and inviting our buffet guests to match portion size to their appetite, we can contribute to reducing food waste, and make a better world while boosting our business.

Our new project Taste don't Waste is aimed at stimulating appreciation in the value of good food, by prioritizing the quality of food served on board our cruises. This way, we can save time and minimize waste during both preparation and service.

By encouraging our Customers’ commitment to this project, we can offer them a vastly more enjoyable eating experience.  Thanks to a study of our logistical habits and to our partnership with the University of Gastronomic Sciences, we have recreated traditional Italian recipes with emphasis on the Mediterranean diet, giving rise to really special - healthiermore varied and above all better cuisine!

The project

We invite our buffet guests to put the amount of food proportionate to their appetite on the plate and to have sensible portion sizes so, we can reduce the amount of food waste on our cruises and contribute to creating a better world for us and our children.

Without curbing our guests’ desire to taste, free to treat themselves on holiday, they can see that healthier food with our new recipes also means tastier and more interesting specialties.

Thanks to savings brought about by these initiatives, we can generously invest in and support the Slow Food Foundation project in Africa for the creation of organic gardens to support the growth of local communities.

Proposing the project

Start telling your Customer about this project and help them picture the wonderful new gastronomic adventure awaiting on board our cruises: they can enjoy new tastyhealthy Italian recipes while contributing to the creation of a better world. 

Nowadays, more and more Customers everyday make ethical buying choices, so in addition to contributing to the improvement of the planet, the pursuit of sustainable initiatives can also prove to be a great opportunity for the growth of your business!

The current head of the world’s biggest advertising group, WPP, Sir Martin Sorrell - describes the new Corporate Social Responsibility: "Doing good is good business."

Do not miss the chance to do good by sensitizing your Customers on the value of food and join with them to build a better world.