Far East & Asia cruises offer a vibrant diversity from city skylines to desert landscapes and magnificent beaches. These cruises spectacularly combine ancient andmodern sights & cultures of the giant continent Asia.

Things to do on a Far East Cruise

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of things to explore during your far eastern adventure, but we are here to help! With a wide range of shore excursions available throughout the destinations, planning your holiday couldn’t be easier. Whether you want visit ancient temples, majestic rainforests, see amazing wildlife, or just shop, it’s all there for you.

  • The Great Wall of China- Take a look at an incredibly large landmark that is over 5,000 miles long. The wall was built in several pieces over time, but connected throughout the centuries. Your local guide will explain its’ significance as you walk over parts of the wall.
  • The Forbidden City in China- It is the palace complex that was home to China’s emperors from 1420 to 1912. There are a number of exciting artifacts here, so take a tour to get better insight into China’s past.
  • Head to Chengdu- where the giant pandas live. You can learn all about these adorable creatures at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.
  •  Sumo Wrestler Tournament in Japan- This traditional Japanese sport has many customs attached to it, and you’ll be surprised at how exhilarating the matches can be.
  • Impressive Drink and Karaoke sessions- Japan is the birthplace of this beloved pastime that has been adopted the world over. In Japan, most karaoke is done in a small room with just your friends.
  •  Trip to the Korean Folk Village– located just outside of Seoul where you can see what life was like centuries ago in Korea and discover the crafts and skills for which Korea and its people are known.

Singapore- Get a glimpse into multicultural Singapore with a city tour starting with Little India, teeming with shops and extravagant temples. Then proceed to visit the Arab Quarter, to see a different side of Islam with many mosques and an outgoing lifestyle. After a photo stop at the famous Raffles Hotel, head to a local coffee shop. Then explore Old Chinatown with numerous frenetic street merchants, temples, markets and shops selling herbal medicines, gold, curios and souvenirs.

For a shopping spree, visit Orchard Road Singapore’s most famous shopping districts with a profusion of boutiques, Western-style department stores, hotels and restaurants.

Best time to go on a Far East Cruise

The Far East has varied weather throughout the year, however January to October are the months most favored by holidaymakers. When you venture further north to China, Japan & South Korea you'll need to bring a few warmer clothes, as temperatures during these months can range between 7-30 degrees centigrade. With many of the destinations on or around the equator, temperatures will range between 24 and 33 degrees centigrade. A few places are too humid because of the ocean proximity and it can become very sticky so remember to drink plenty of water! It’s also worth noting that cyclones are prevalent in this region between November & April.