Steps to Book a Cruise

Contact 24x7Cruise experts to select or book your Cruise Vacations

  1. Quotation: Let us know which type of cabins you want to book; it’s best to send along your passport copies /or complete names as in the passports. Our team will revert back to you with detailed pricing ( for multiple cruises, if required.) (Trade Partner's Commission will be shown on the Agent's quotation.)
  2. Confirmation advices with a time limit or option expiry will be sent to you after booking.
  3. Deposit: We will give you a time limit for deposit payment, or the full payment for bookings made within 60/90 days prior to departure.
  4. Payment: Please pay your fare as per the time limits given in the confirmation /offer letter. Failing to do so will result in Automatic cancellation.
  5. Documents: Once full payment is received, we will send cruise documents via email.
  6. Before you travel: We will inform you how to complete your pre-cruise check-in on the cruise website. You could also set up your onboard charge account and print your boarding pass. Our Cruise experts are here to guide you if you have any difficulty.
  7. Please read the Booking conditions and general information of the cruise line. You can request for our Cruise guide to help you enjoy your cruise to the maximum.
  8. Contact Details: Telephone +973 17216411
  9. Hours of operation: 0900-2000 hours Bahrain time Saturday – Thursday

    Please supply the relevant information, with your booking request

  • Name of Ship and departure date / or Preferred starting points
  • Stateroom type: Suite, Balcony Ocean-View or Interior, how many guests per cabin.
  • Guest Information: Full names (as per the passport), date of birth for all guests, nationality and passport details.
  • Contact Details: Email & postal address plus at least one contact telephone number.
  • Emergency Contact Details: The name and number of the person who can be contacted in the event of an emergency during your cruise.
  • Dinner Seating Preferences: Table size, preferred time and booking numbers of other guests with whom you are travelling. Kindly note that while we do our best, we cannot guarantee to satisfy all requests.
  • Special Requirements: Special dietary or medical requirements.
  • Mobility issues: Please inform us about guests who are not fully mobile or who use wheelchairs at any time.
  • Special Occasions: Birthday, Honeymoon or Anniversary or Family or group reunions.
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