Wish List for Travel Lovers & Explorers


Spring 2020 is the right time for planting seedlings and for virtual travel! 
My wish list begins with St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, because I’ve been ogling the cruises to and from this city. It is located on the islands of the Neva river estuary & encompasses over 90 canals & rivers.
It would be interesting to start at the 3D Mini-city located in the building to the left of the Gorkovskaya metro station, that depicts the city centre with bronze copies of the key architectural landmarks, 

One of the prominent sights I’d like to see is Palace square which houses 5 buildings- the spectacular Winter Palace at the State Hermitage with about 1500 rooms, besides 4 more Hermitage buildings. Their halls contain museum displays of over 3 million exhibits! 
You can walk along the Palace square through the Summer garden, which was created by Peter I to be his own Versailles-style garden-and-park ensemble. 
After passing through the garden you’ll be in front of the majestic Mikhailovsky Castle which was Emperor Paul I’s ceremonial residence.  Being surrounded by water on all sides, it can be entered only by 3 drawbridges. A little ahead is the Mikhailovsky garden, a famous beautified park in St. Petersburg & the colourful Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood.

The famed Catherine and Alexander parks showcase the architecture & landscape design of the 18th to early 19th centuries. The splendid Catherine Palace is built in the Russian Baroque style & includes the opulent ‘Amber room’ besides gardens with the ‘Bathhouse pavilions’, which were lavish washrooms for the gentry. It’s worth going on to the Pavolvsk park located not far away, which contains historical monuments & the outstanding gold & white Pavolvsk palace. Known as one of the city’s most beautiful palaces, it’s famous for its art collection.

Out of the numerous iconic sights, Mariinsky Palace & the historical St Peter & Paul’s Cathedral can’t be missed. Also visit the magnificent Isaakiyevsky cathedral & go up to the viewing platform for stunning panoramic views. This is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and 43 different types of materials were used to finish it. Close by you’ll find the Alexander garden, Senate square & the Admiralty building where the Russian navy originated.

Other must-visit landmarks are the Constantine palace & Peter’s Wooden Palace in the Strelna suburb, and the Shuvalovka village nearby. Here, visitors can get an idea of traditional Russian life & enjoy a taste of Russian cuisine.

Peterhof is another fascinating suburb with superb gardens, 66 fountains & palaces of which the centrepiece is the ‘Grand Palace’, the Russian emperors’ ‘crown’ residence.

To complete the experience, check out the lively St Petersburg nightlife with evening tours including Russian Ballet & Folk dancing and the swanky local bars, pubs & nightclubs.